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Dr. Emilia Roig is a bestselling author and leading expert on social justice. She is the Founder of the Center for Intersectional Justice (CIJ), a nonprofit organization that advocates for justice, equality, and lives free from systemic oppression for all. Emilia Roig is dedicated to inspiring people to divest from systems of oppression and to shift collective consciousness. In 2024 she joined the Käthe Hamburger Research Center on Apocalyptic and Post-apocalyptic Studies at the University of Heidelberg. She has taught at universities in France, Germany, and the U.S. on intersectionality theory, postcolonial studies, critical race theory, queer feminism, and international and European law, including at the Hertie School in Berlin and DePaul University of Chicago. After earning a Master of Public Policy and an MBA in International Law, she completed her PhD in Political Science at Humboldt University and Science Po in France. Prior to her PhD, she worked extensively on human rights issues at the UN in Tanzania and Uganda, at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in Cambodia, and at Amnesty International in Germany - and then decided to leave the field of international development to focus on social justice in Europe. She was a jury member of the German Nonfiction Prize in 2020, was appointed Ashoka Fellow in 2019, and received the Edition F Award in 2021. She is advisory board member of the German Anti-Discrimination Agency and was elected "Most Influential Woman of the Year" in the Impact of Diversity Award in 2022.

Trainings & Workshops

Emilia Roig provides workshops and trainings to institutions seeking to engage in critical dialogue about their organizational culture, policies and processes to make them more inclusive, fair and diverse - and help create workplaces free of systemic oppression. Her workshops are designed to provide the necessary knowledge and space for individual and collective reflection that can lead to perspective shifts and long-lasting, effective change

Her trainings are specifically tailored and adapted to the needs, context and culture of each institution, and are geared towards staff, management and leadership, human resources, communications and all other relevant institutional fields. The training enables workplaces to incorporate intersectional principles into their daily functions and combines theory and practice. The setting is highly interactive and promotes self-reflection in a constructive atmosphere.

Trainings can take place on-site or online and can be held in English, French and German. Please approach us to enquire about which training would fit best to your size, learning objectives, and long-term goals. 

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Keynotes & Public Speaking

Emilia Roig offers keynotes to institutions seeking to foster change and progress on social, racial, gender and climate Justice. Her keynotes combine expertise, pragmatism and inspiration, concrete examples and the necessary level of abstraction on a wide range of topics pertaining to social justice, paradigmatic shifts and utopian futures. Emilia Roig’s keynotes are anchored in hope but do not shy away from uncomfortable questions. She always animate the listeners to pursue change at their own level and within their capacities.

Emilia Roig’s keynotes have been inspiring people to divest from systems of oppression and to shift individual and collective consciousness towards a new paradigm based on care, compassion and justice.

Clients &

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...and many more!

A big thank you to Emilia Roig for giving our team so much insight, food for thought and motivation to act. The workshop encouraged us to push for new habits in our daily work: acting more pro-actively, challenging our own point of view and being more aware of systems of oppression. 

-- Susann Kramer, Volkswagen

Dr. Emilia Roig's training has proven to be one of the best efforts to help our organization better identify how oppressive practices might show up inside our own organization. 

-- Lorena García Durán, Ashoka Foundation

Emilia gave a masterful Keynote on intersectionality that was easy to understand for learners at all levels. I especially appreciated her focus on the role systems play in discrimination, as they are often overlooked to focus on the individual.

-- Rachael Forker, APCO Worldwide Consulting

Our minds and hearts were very truly stimulated by Emilia’s input! We really appreciate her expertise and practical suggestions on how to make our working environment less unjust.  

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Cultural Diversity Initiative

Emilia was outstanding. Her timing was spot on and she treated us as being intelligent and informed and willing to engage with more complex concepts. This approach, without being taken to some sort of over intellectual/academic level, worked well for me and for others.” 

-- Theo Moore, APCO Brussels Office

 What people say about Emilia Roig's 
 Keynotes and Trainings 

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