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Renowned social justice leader, author, and expert on intersectionality, diversity, equity, inclusion and non-discrimination Emilia Roig has been shifting the discourse on systemic inequalities in Europe through the creation of the Berlin-based Center for Intersectional Justice (CIJ), the publication of her bestselling books WHY WE MATTER and THE END OF MARRIAGE. 

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I give keynotes, trainings and advise companies, NGOs, governments, schools, universities and start-ups on all topics related to intersectionality, social justice, diversity and inclusion.

Emilia Roig's goal is to advance social justice by tackling inequalities, discrimination, implicit bias and diversity based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, nationality and all other grounds of discrimination simultaneously, instead of focussing on one at the detriment of the others. This intersectional approach is what makes any collaboration with Emilia Roig unique.



Hanser Berlin Verlag, 24 September 2024

Emilia Roig stands for radical change. "Loving" is a plea for more justice, because love should be for everyone. In a patriarchal society, however, romantic love lays claim to all aspects of love: desire, jealousy, intimacy, committment, tenderness. In her first essay, Emilia Roig gives us deep insights into her own biography and revolutionizes our understanding of love: as a transformative energy that connects us not only with our family and friends, but with all people, nature and the cosmos. Her new book is an invitation to love in a more radical, expansive way.


Für eine Revolution der Liebe.

Ullstein Verlag, 30 March 2023

Marriage is sacrosanct in our society. Despite its institutionalization, it is romanticized and mythicized as the epitome of love. Yet marriage often exacerbates inequality for women and leads to financial dependence. Bestselling author Emilia Roig looks behind the facade of a patriarchal construct and points the way to a revolution of love. 


WHY WE MATTER. Das Ende der Unterdrückung.

Aufbau Verlag, 15. Februar 2021

Emilia Roig exposes patterns of systemic oppression and calls for radical solidarity. She shows, also based on her own family history, in which racism and Black Pride, trauma and Ausschwitz, homophobia and queerness, patriarchy and feminism collide, how racism intersects with other types of discrimination. Whether on the street, at the university, or in the courtroom, Emilia Roig creates a new awareness of how conditions we consider "normal" have evolved historically, and that our world could be a very different one.

A revolutionary love declaration that everyone should have read. 

-- Tupoka Ogette

The answer to many questions of our uncertain times is: equality for all. And this amazing book is a step towards it.

-- Sibylle Berg

This book will change how you perceive the world. It will make you understand what justice really means.


-- Teresa Bücker

Radical and gentle at the same time. This book is a healing, inspiring gift.

-- Kübra Gümüsay

 Voices about the Book 

ARTE Documentary


Enlightenment Project

How can we create a just world?

What does a just world look like in the 21st century? Enlightenment philosopher Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), founding father of the United States of America, wrote in the Declaration of Independence that all men are equal from birth. Why did he remain so far from his ideals? What answer do contemporary Enlightenment thinkers have to the pervasive inequality?

This film brought me to Martinique, Lille, Paris, Chiemgau and Berlin, and is covering a wide range of issues related to the concept of justice, including environmental injustice, tax fraud, racism, colonialism and economic injustice. 

Available Online in French and German at 

Author: Thorsten Glotzmann

Host: Emilia Roig

Filming: Nicolai Mehring

Year: 2019-2022

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Our minds and hearts were very truly stimulated by Emilia’s input! We really appreciate their expertise and practical suggestions on how to make our working environment less unjust. 

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Cultural Diversity Initiative

A big thank you to Emilia Roig for giving our team so much insight, food for thought and motivation to act. The remote workshop encouraged us to push for new habits in our daily work: acting more pro-actively anti-discriminatory, challenging our own point of view and being more aware of systems of power.


 -- Susann Kramer, Volkswagen



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